World Ganja Fest Heading to Thailand for 2020 Event

As the recreational cannabis industry experiences record growth around the world, many organizations are taking advantage of peoples’ newfound love for pot and hosting events tailored towards the legal marijuana market.

One such event is the appropriately named World Ganja Fest which announced it would be holding its 2020 event in none other than Thailand. The goal of the event is quite simple:

To spread awareness of the benefits of recreational marijuana and the culture surrounding it.

There will also be discussions and projects on how to address legalization issues in countries across the world.

The event promises to be informational and is open to enthusiasts and non-consumers alike.

Hosting the event in Thailand makes perfect sense as that country is deeply exploring the ways recreational, legal marijuana can benefit the national economy and how implementing growth strategies on an industrial scale could be accomplished in order to make it a major player in the legal pot market.

In association with the Thai Nationalism Foundation, the Association of Researchers of Thailand will be organizing the event along with the Journalist and Media Association of Thailand and Nakhon Phanom’s locals.

Held between January 29 and February 2, the World Ganja fest promises to connect recreational users with one another but also show off the local Thai economy and the nation’s friendliness to the marijuana industry.

Province-level representatives and growers will also offer their shared knowledge to attendees on the growth and cultivation of legal strains.

An “honorary advisor” for the event, Gen. Charan Kullawanit, had this to say of the festival plans, “We’re the main host. Thailand’s the main host. We’re deciding who we will invite to the Ganja Festival. The association chairperson said. There will be Chinese, Japanese and American guests. They once opposed the idea. We’ll invite them so we can listen to their academic ideas, presentations and statements. We’ll see how the event will benefit the global community.”

Among events planned for festival goers includes a music festival as well as a product design competition to see who can create the best marijuana-related consumer idea.

Organizers hope to not only bring the wider legal marijuana community together but also show off Thailand’s increasing prowess as a go-to destination for marijuana-related travel and also production.

Since a lot of the legal market is nascent in most of the world, there are no major, dominant players when it comes to the production and selling of legal ganja.

Because of this, Thai authorities see a unique opportunity for both the national culture and the economy.

Not only does the growing industry provide needed revenues to governments around the world, but it’s also a reliable and steady source of employment for locals.

Looking forward, the recreational marijuana industry’s growth in the travel sector is expected to have a marked impact on the growth of revenues in travel related organizations.

Establishing itself as a premier destination for pot now could pay huge dividends for Thailand later.

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