Best Weed Stash Boxes

Whether you are smoking for medicinal purposes or purely for recreation, every weed smoker needs a good stash box. The stash box gives you a place to store your bud, as well as any items that are needed for its consumption. Stash boxes commonly contain things like rolling papers, blunt wraps, pipes, and grinders. In this article, we will look at the 5 of the best weed stash boxes we found.

Value Section

Let’s think about some of the things that you need to consider before buying a good stash box. While it may seem like a very simple item, there are a lot of things that have to be evaluated.


Unfortunately, good bud has a tendency to be stolen. Some people just can’t resist the urge to get into your stash, so it’s good to have a box that can be locked. Of course, a person could always destroy the box, but that will alert the owner. From a security standpoint, you want to get a box that cannot be opened without leaving visible damage. This can do a lot to improve your peace of mind, and to deal with those people who like to pinch other people’s bud!

Of course, it isn’t just thieves that you have to consider. If you have children in the house, you definitely don’t want them getting into your weed! By putting it into a stash box, you are letting your kids know that it’s off-limits.


One of the main purposes of a stash box is convenience. You can keep all your weed/weed-related items in one place for easy access. Of course, that convenience goes out the window if you get a box that is too small. You also want to avoid boxes that are too large, as they will be more difficult to stash. There is a balance to be made between security and convenience. You want a lid that opens without too much hassle, but it must also be secure.


Most stash boxes will come with a few accessories. These might include a rolling tray, a grinder, glass jars, or any number of other things. Either way, you need to ask yourself: Will I actually use all of this stuff? For instance, not everyone likes to store their weed in glass jars. If you prefer something else, it would be pointless to buy a stash box that includes one or more glass jars. Likewise, a person who prefers to use their hands instead of a grinder should choose their stash box accordingly.

1. Tree of Life Stash Box Combo 1

(Image Credit: Swagstr Grinders/Amazon)

This is a very attractive stash box with an engraved tree graphic on the lid. This same graphic is found on all three of the included accessories. Speaking of those accessories, this one comes with a rolling tray, a grinder, and a UV-resistant storage jar. Of these accessories, the grinder is probably the nicest. This grinder is made of titanium, so it will probably last as long as you live.

We do see one or two little problems, of course. This box is just barely large enough to hold its three accessories. That doesn’t leave much room for other items that you may use. Also, although we like the keyed lock, a thief could easily circumvent the lock by removing the front plate with a screwdriver.


  • Very nice-looking
  • Grinder is made of titanium
  • Locks securely
  • UV-resistant stash jar


  • A little small for its contents
  • Lock could probably be circumvented

2. Subtle Stash Box

(Image Credit: Subtle/Amazon)

This is the cheapest and simplest option on our list, so its name fits well. It’s just a simple and undecorated wooden box. Rather than focus on form, its makers concentrated on functionality. We love the top of this box, as its low walls make it perfect for use as a rolling tray. You might have to wipe it down with rubbing alcohol from time to time.

This box does lose a few points in the security department. Instead of a locking lid, it has a set of magnets that aren’t very strong. If you need a locked-down stash box, this isn’t the best weed stash box for you. This one also doesn’t come with any extra accessories.


  • Box top doubles as a rolling tray
  • Box comes with a divider
  • Magnetically sealed lid
  • Big enough for all your weed-related items


  • No lock
  • No accessories

3. Kozo Wood Stash Box Kit

(Image Credit: KOZO/Amazon)

This box is very similar to our first choice. It’s about the same size and includes the same three accessories. If you want something that is light and portable, this is a pretty good choice. It comes with a Kozo grinder, and those are some of the most popular grinders on the market. The airtight jar and the rolling tray are kind of like the icing on the cake.

Unfortunately, this box suffers from the same two problems that we saw from our first option. It is too small for the accessories provided, and the lock is not truly secure.


  • Grinder is high-quality
  • Small and portable
  • Comes with an airtight jar and a rolling tray
  • Keyed lock


  • Not big enough for serious smokers
  • Lock isn’t tough enough

4. Safe Locker 420

(Image credit: safe locker 420/Amazon)

This is the high-security option for those who really want to keep their stash on lockdown. It would be very hard for anyone to get into this container without your knowledge, so it offers maximum peace of mind. It’s even watertight and airtight, so it’s suitable for outdoor use. Considering its high level of security, its not all that expensive either. Of course, not everyone needs this level of security, so it might be a waste of time for some. This is also a relatively small box, so serious smokers might find that it doesn’t have enough room.


  • Highly secure
  • Watertight and airtight
  • Not that expensive
  • Comes with 3 suitable jars


  • A little excessive for some
  • Not very large

5. Tree of Life Stash Box Combo 2

(Image credit: Swag Gear/Amazon)

This is made by the same company that made our first option, but it’s quite different. This box is much bigger, and can hold all your smoking items with ease. It’s secured with a padlock, even if it is a rather small one. Still, it provides an airtight and watertight seal that should help to keep your bud nice and fresh. The built-in humidity control is very nice, as weed becomes useless when it molds. At the same time, some have complained that the grinder is low-quality and wears out too quickly.


  • Plenty of space
  • Secured with a padlock
  • Watertight and airtight
  • Built-in humidity control


  • Some have complained about the grinder


Although all of these stash boxes are very nice, we feel that the Safe Locker is probably the best choice overall. It is the only product on our list that provides a high level of security, and it doesn’t burden you with accessories that you may not even use. Of course, everyone has different needs and preferences, so bear that in mind as well. We hope that you have enjoyed our work, and that you will come back to read more in the future.

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